We will be sailing 3-4 hours a day, and sleeping aboard our 38 foot catamaran. We have a skipper and crew who will be handling the boat, so you don’t need to know how to sail, but ideally you’ve been on a sailboat before and know what life aboard is like.

If you’ve sailed a sloop or similar monohull before but never been aboard a sailing catamaran, we think you’ll be pleased by the stable and more friendly sea motion, as well as the  available living space. There is very little healing, and you’ll find you can actually leave your drinks and food on the table without worrying about them falling over.

Our catamaran has 4 cabins, each of which has a double berth — so we can accommodate a maximum of 8 passengers. This arrangement is suited to couples or pairs of friends who don’t mind sleeping in close quarters. (see our accommodations page for more details)

We’ll be in a different port or town almost every day… each one with its own character and charm. We’re aiming to bring together fitness-minded people, who make vigorous exercise part of their daily routine, and want to include this as part of their holiday, so you should be in good shape to feel comfortable with this tour. How fit? Well, you should be able to:

  • run a mile comfortably under 8 minutes
  • hike an 8km trail with 1000m elevation gain in under 3 hours
  • cycle 60km (on a trail bike) with some stretches of 5-10% grade

This tour is definitely not for everyone, and if you think you’re not up to this type of physical challenge or if exercise is not something you want in a holiday, then please consider another sailing tour more suitable to you.

Our typical day will begin with light breakfast either aboard the boat (docked at a marina) or in a nearby cafe, followed by hiking, cycling, running, swimming or some combination of these. In the afternoon, when the winds typically pick up, we sail to our next town/destination where we’ll have dinner at a restaurant, and  time to explore.