Getting on a bike to explore is a great way to discover and get a feel for a place. You cover more ground than hiking, and you experience much more of your souroundings than you would by driving a car or riding a scooter — not to mention that you get a great workout in the process.

While at Spetses you can rent a bike from a local shop (10 euro/day) in order to do a circumnavigation the island. Spetses is perfect for cycling since it has a lovely and quiet sea-side road along its entire perimeter, and it has very little car traffic once outside town. The route is less than 30km but it does include some challenging hills … no worries though, there are plenty of opportunities to stop at one or two of the many beaches along the route to take a quick swim and cool off. Needless to say, the views of the aegean are spectacular. There are many British expats who live on the island, and it is dotted with multi-million dollar villas and estates which you will see along the route.

For those who are interested in a little reading, John Fowles novel “The Magus” is set on this island of Spetses.

The eastern coast of the Peloponesse from Leonidio to Nafplio has one of the most scenic coastal roads in Greece. The southern half is less busy with car traffic and so makes for a better choice for cycling. You can cycle this part while we are berthed at Leonidio or Astros. Depending on the the strength of the riders, the route can be anywhere between 40 – 80km in length (out and back). Again, you’ll have plenty of opportunity to stop at any one of the beaches along the way for a swim, or to explore a secluded cove. This route also has some long climbing sections, but the beautiful scenery and cool sea breaze will help keep your mind off the great workout you’ll be getting.