Day 1:  Take the morning ferry from Pireas to Spetses Island (2hrs). We meet you at the dock in Spetses, and board our sailboat for cabin assignment and quick orientation. You’ll have some time to stretch your legs and explore Spetses town for a couple of hours before we meet back at the catamaran for a short daysail and swim. Complimentary lunch will be served at our swim spot. Overnight Spetses.

Day 2:  You can choose to do a morning circumnavigation of Spetses island by bicycle, with one or two swim stops along the way. This is slightly less than 30km, but has some challenging hills. After lunch, we sail across the bay to Leonidio town — which offers a quiet contrast to bustling Spetses. Overnight Leonidio.

Day 3: This will be a long day if you choose to hike to the highest point in the Peloponnese. Early morning drive to trailhead on mount Taygetos near Sparta (1 hour). Hike will be about 6 hours and include 1300m elevation gain. Option to make a stop for late lunch or dinner in Kosmas village on the way back to Leonidio. Overnight Leonidio.

Day 4: If you had a long and challenging Day 3, the pace today will be a little more relaxed. You can either do an out and back bicycle ride along the beautiful coastal road north of Leonidio (again with many beaches along the way for a swim); or you can choose to hike the spectacular cliffs around Leonidio (peaks over 700m above sea level). These hikes do not require a long drive to a trailhead and offer amazing views of the town and Argolic Bay.

In the afternoon, when the wind picks up we head sail to the charming town of Astros. Overnight Astros.

Day 5: You can choose to hike Mt. Parnonas, which requires a 45 minute drive to the trailhead  — this is another beautiful and challenging hike (17km and about 1000m elevation). After your hike, you can have lunch at the quaint traditional mountain village of Agios Petros. In the afternoon we set sail for Nafplio (1-2hr sail) with a stop for a swim.

Day 6: In the morning you can do a 5km run (out & back) to Karathona beach, or climb the 1000 steps to the top of the Veneitian fortress. If you climb the fortress, you can follow it up by a much deserved dip in the sea which is very conveniently just steps away from the base of the fortress (and includes a very chic beach bar where you can lounge and revel in your exploits).  All this before the average tourist finishes their breakfast!. In the afternoon we do a daysail to Tolo & Vivari bay for a swim and them back to Nafplio for the final evening.

Day 7: For the eager, the morning will include another run & climb & dip. You may also choose to explore the some of the ancient sites nearby, including Mykenes, Tyrinth, and Epidavros. These are entirely optional but very worthwhile if you are at all interested in the rich history of the area. Epidavros is about 45 minute drive and is the site of the ancient Nemean Games (a siter event of the ancient Olympic Games) and includes the famours ancient amphitheater which is still used today. Mykenes is closer (20 minutes drive) and is even older than Epidavros (about 1800-1400 BC) and was the epicenter of the Mycenean civilization. All sites are regularly served by public KTEL bus lines. Late afternoon meet back at the boat to pick up backage and transfer to Athens.